Electronic Contract Manufacturing


The company UAB Electronics Systems provides such service as manufacturing and assemblage of printed circuit boards, including:

  • automated  surface mounting of PCB (SMD mounting) for components with size starting from 0201 and microchips with pins` intervals starting from 0,3 mm, including BGA, Fine Pitch, TQFP, TSSOP;
  • combined mounting with using SMD components as well as components, mounted in holes (TNT mounting)
  • manual soldering , soldering with wave reflow (a soldering technique in which surface-mount components are held in position on a circuit board using a paste containing solder that melts to form soldered joints when the circuit board is heated. )
  • for establishing components there are used newest machines from leaders in manufacturing of SMD mounting.
  • The equipment which is used, allows to manufacture mounting from small batches up to series which contain several thousand boards per labour change (the capacity of line is 50 000 components per hour)
  • If a customer wishes, we can wash soldered boards in automatic line, with newest system of nozzles.
  • Final inspection of assembled printed circuit boards is made in automatic system, of optical inspection, which allows to increase  in many times possibilities for control of made assemblage, in comparison with manual inspection.

Contract manufacturing includes the whole production circle of your electronic components on our equipment.

If needed, our technical specialists will help you to choose appropriate analogs of electronic components and provide you with technical documentation for the devices you are interested in.


Technological possibilities

   Surface (SMT) mounting of PCS is made completely on automatic technological line, equipped with newest imported  equipment of popular producers.

The structure of the line:

  • PCB loader from the cassettes into a line
  • Machine of screen printing HORIZON 03i (mfg DEK)
  • High-performance chip shooter SM-411 (SAMSUNG)
  • Universal components installer (SAMSUNG) SM-421 with Trey STF-100N
  • convection reflow oven HOTFLOW 2/14 (ERSA)
  • Loader of PCB from line into cassette

          Usage of this type of equipment allows to arrange two-sided surface mounting of different type PCBs (FR4, polyamide, flexible boards and aluminum) and to make  soldering according to  lead-free technology. 


Technological possibilities of the line
The line capacity   63000 Components / Hour
Sizes chips   starting from 01005
Accuracy of chip installation   ± 50 microns chips (3σ)
Spacing between pins   from 0.3 mm
The accuracy of installation   from 0.03 mm
  up to 55x55 mm
The height of the components   up to 15 mm
Board Thickness   from 0.1 to 4.2 mm
Dimensions of boards   from 50×50 mm up to 400х460 mm